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What is Stress and Its Effects?

Stress is part of being alive, but severe stress can create fatigue or damage a person to the point of malfunction or disease. That’s why stress management counseling is crucial for those at risk for stress-induced diseases affecting the immune system. Whether stress is beneficial or detrimental usually depends on a person’s reaction to a certain event or condition. When stress becomes unmanageable, it’s important to seek out counseling for stress immediately.

Ways to Manage Stress

There are several ways to plan for and cope with stress in addition to stress management counseling, including:

  • Accept what you cannot change
  • Analyze self-perceptions to replace exaggerated expectations with realistic ones
  • Examine your interpersonal involvement
  • Have unstructured time or take the day off
  • Avoid taking yourself too seriously and have a sense of humor
  • Commit to a regular 20-30 minute exercise routine, four times a week
  • Set realistic expectations and do your best
  • Develop a coping plan for predictable stressors

After a reasonable period of time, determine if your stress management strategy is working. Otherwise, you may find greater benefits through stress reduction therapy.

How to Manage Stress and Relax?

If your stress level seems too overwhelming to manage alone, you may want to seek stress management therapy to work through it. Family Counseling Center is available to offer you experienced stress counseling services that are proven to work. It can be difficult to relax under certain circumstances, but with counseling for stress, there are a variety of techniques and disciplines that you use to relax. A simple yet effective way is to inhale and exhale slowly with your mouth closed instead of short, shallow breaths. Breathing slowly provides you with maximum oxygen and forces you to relax. You may also try meditation as part of your stress-reducing therapy, which can relax the body and improve perceptions.

What is Job Stress and Who is Affected?

If job pressures make you feel tense, nervous, anxious or upset, you are dealing with job stress. You may feel this when you’re exposed to situations or people that intimidate, aggravate or exacerbate you. Stress management therapy is a great way to get out of a negative headspace that leaves you feeling frustrated, angry, tired or depressed. Stress management counseling can help everybody since nearly everyone is affected by job stress to some degree.

Stress counseling may especially benefit those whose personality is very ambitious, competitive, or impatient. If you work in stressful, dangerous or demanding situations, stress reduction therapy could be a great outlet for you. When you’re dealing with life changes, like divorce or a death, it’s a good time to seek guidance and not let it negatively affect other aspects of your life.

Symptoms of Stress and How to Cope

When you see our therapists for stress management therapy, you will learn to recognize the physical symptoms of stress. From fatigue and problems sleeping to high blood pressure and nervousness, you can recognize the signs. Other common signs that affect a person’s emotional state could involve irritability, hostility or anxiety among others, which can be managed with the help of stress reduction therapy. There are several ways to cope with undue amounts of work-related stress and many times it could be very beneficial to seek out counseling for stress.

Family Counseling Center has a staff of professional therapists to help you cope through life’s stresses. Contact us at (801) 261-3500 to begin stress management counseling as soon as possible.

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