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Pornography Addiction Treatment

What is Pornography Addiction?

Pornography Addiction Treatment. At The Family Counseling Center, we have highly qualified counselors available to help anyone who is dealing with pornography addiction. Similarly to someone with a chemical or substance addiction, porn addicts tend to replace important relationships and commitments with Internet sex or other forms of pornography. These consistent and compulsive sexual problems can appear in a variety of settings, not just the Internet. Non-Internet porn addicts can be found in places like strip clubs and adult bookstores in order to feed their addiction.

Pornography addicts tend to isolate themselves while acting out sexually, typically spending hours, or even days, lost in online images and experiences. Some will also lose time to Internet addictions like online fantasy games or gambling sites. Licensed pornography addiction counselors understand the moral stigma around pornography addictions, as well as its negative effect on important romantic and sexual relationships.

Some sex and pornography addicts use compulsive masturbation as part of their acting out, while others only engage minimally in the sexual act itself but nonetheless, end up losing themselves to the endless sexual images and sites found online.

As experts in pornography addiction counseling, we know how to tell if someone is a pornography addict. Some signs of pornography addiction include:

  • An inability to stop behaviors and pornography use, despite attempting to do so
  • Anger or irritability if asked to stop
  • Hiding or attempting to keep the pornography obsession a secret
  • Continuing the behavior despite negative consequences like deteriorated relationships or losing a job
  • Getting lost in the addictive behavior and spending more time than intended on the Internet

Getting Better

With pornography addiction counseling and treatment, you’ll learn how to stop the obsession with honesty and outreach. For those addicted to porn and sexually acting out, honesty begins by finding a pornography addiction counselor and admitting the entire problem to them – without omitting embarrassing details. After this, counselors can help figure out what kind of treatment is best for you, such as a 12-step sexual recovery meeting. It may feel shameful and humiliating to get treatment for your porn addiction, but getting your life back and rebuilding relationships makes the embarrassment worth it.

Spouses and partners of those with Internet pornography addictions also suffer severely, since they tend to blame themselves and their own shortcomings for the sexual addiction of their partner. A porn addiction will often cause a spouse or partner to feel less sexually attractive and lead to unhealthy comparisons to the images in pornography. This feeling of inferiority often leaves people feeling sad, trapped, and alone. Pornography addiction treatment can help everyone involved recover from the traumatic after-effects of the harmful obsession.

Unlike someone who is a partner to an alcoholic or drug addict, this is an issue that people often feel too ashamed of to ask anyone for help. Reaching out to someone for help is difficult enough as it is, but this is an intensely personal problem that makes a spouse or partner even less likely to reach out. However, through pornography addiction treatment and counseling, spouses and partners of porn addicts and women affected by men’s addiction porn can receive the help they need. These 12-step programs are similar to those for sex addicts and provide support groups where individuals can discuss issues and maintain anonymity.

Some spouses seek all of the answers for their addicted partners when they come to counselors, hoping that the porn addict can simply learn how to stop doing the addictive behaviors and eventually stop completely. Unfortunately, porn addiction treatment and recovering involves intensive counseling and hard work. The sex addict involved in Internet porn addiction must arrive at their own conclusion to make a change, which is a decision that often comes up much later than their partners can tolerate.

Porn Addiction Help Tips

Here are a few tips for dealing with pornography addiction, provided by the pornography addiction counselors at The Family Counseling Center:

  • Getting blocking software for the computer
  • Putting up inspirational pictures around the computer
  • Moving the computer to a public space
  • Having an addiction prevention plan
  • Knowing the signs of porn addiction, both in general and those specific to you
  • Knowing the stages of porn addiction
  • Making good use of porn addiction resources like 12-step meetings, sex addiction professionals and online recovery support groups

Although it may seem like an eternity, a recovering porn addict must renew their commitment every day and take the process slowly. If you or someone you love is suffering from a porn addiction, don’t put off receiving pornography addiction treatment. Contact the Family Counseling Center at 801-261-3500 to set up an appointment with one of our highly qualified pornography addiction counselors.

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