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Pornography Addiction Counseling for Salt Lake City, UT

Do you suspect that you or a loved one are addicted to pornography? Because pornography is so easy to find these days, it may feel like everyone is watching it. But, just like any chemical or substance addiction, pornography addiction can be severely crippling. Porn addicts often replace important relationships or commitments with internet sex or other forms of pornography. However, pornography isn’t just limited to the internet. It can be found in strip clubs, adult bookstores and many other settings.

If you find yourself with a significant pornography addiction, don’t wait. Turn to Family Counseling Center today. We have experienced counselors that were specifically trained to provide effective pornography addiction treatment. We’ve helped many patients across Salt Lake City, UT. Let us help you.

The Signs of a Pornography Addiction

Because our counselors are highly trained in pornography addiction counseling, we can tell if someone is a pornography addict. Here are a few of the signs we look for:

  • An inability to stop behaviors and pornography use, even after trying to do so
  • Displays anger or irritation when asked to stop
  • Trying to keep the pornography obsession a secret
  • Continuing the behavior, even if it yields negative consequences
  • Losing oneself in addictive behavior and more time than intended on the internet

Additionally, pornography addicts typically isolate themselves while acting out sexually. They often spend hours, or even days, losing themselves in online images and experiences. Others also can lose time to other internet addictions, such as online fantasy games or gambling websites.

Our Pornography Addiction Treatment

Do you find yourself showing any of these symptoms? Don’t despair. There is a way out. The first step is honestly admitting that you have a problem and committing to getting better. After this, our pornography addiction counselors are ready and committed to help you through this time. We’ll work together to figure out what kind of treatment is best for your unique situation and needs. This may include a 12-step sexual recovery meeting.

If there is a spouse or partner in your life, they might be suffering as well. Porn addictions can cause significant others to blame themselves and their shortcomings for the sexual addiction of their partner. If your partner feels inferior or is blaming themselves, we offer help to them as well. Pornography addiction counseling is available to help anyone involved in your pornography addiction.

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If you find yourself experiencing a devastating and crippling pornography addiction, know that there is help. Turn to the experienced and highly trained counselors from the Family Counseling Center. Call us today at 801-261-3500 to book an appointment.