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What is a Crisis?

Family Counseling Center provides efficient individual crisis therapy for patients in Salt Lake City, UT.

It might not take you until the middle of your life to experience a crisis. Crises are characterized by strong emotional responses arising from one’s inability to cope. A crisis isn’t caused by an event. Rather, a crisis is caused by your own interpretation of an event, your ability to cope and the resources that available to you. Often, crises come from three areas—situations, transitions and society. And in all cases, crisis will involve loss. There are varied outcomes, each depending on the type of anxiety:

  • Emotional: fear, shame, guilt and/or anger. These emotions inhibit clear thinking.
  • Cognitive: distorted thinking, which leads to reduced problem-solving.
  • Biophysical: sickness, disease and metaphorical symptoms of pain.
  • Social: changes in typical social patterns.

If you suspect that you’re going through a crisis and need significant help, reach out to the experts at Family Counseling Center for individual crisis therapy. Our counselors believe in empowering their patients to harness their inner strength and ultimate capacity, allowing them to be successful and contribute to their community.

Crisis Therapy

Because crisis involves loss, crisis therapy often involves grief work. However, it should also include intervention that’s aligned with its cause. Individual crisis therapy also focuses on lessening your anxious interpretation of the event. Our counselors will provide you with emotional support and provide you with improved coping mechanisms.

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