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Parenting and Nurturing Classes near Murray, UT

Since parenting is a learned skill, rarely does anyone know how to parent the moment they become one. Simply because you have a child does not guarantee you know how to be a parent. At the Family Counseling Center near Murray, our licensed therapists and certified counselors provide parenting skill building opportunities. Whether through classes, support groups or one on one sessions, we have options designed to help anyone who wants to improve their positive parenting skills. From becoming a more engaged parent to finally connecting with your most challenging child, there are many avenues open at the Family Counseling Center that provide safe, effective parenting skill building options.

You may have a large family and because each of your children are different, each may require a different method of parenting. Understanding what may work for one child but not another is the beginning of becoming a more effective parent to all your children. You can learn different ways of parenting appropriately and with love and equality at the Family Counseling Center. When you improve your parenting skills, you strengthen your family. When you learn how to implement choice and consequences, love and empathy, failure and resilience in your family, you cultivate strong, independent, emotionally successful children.

When life situations change quickly and dramatically, your family can be affected deeply. Events beyond your control can mandate that you need to parent your family through trauma or tragedy. We specialize in helping parents through times like these, giving them a place to land and rest at the same time we enable you to navigate your children through issues like:

  • Death
  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Blended Families
  • Abuse
  • Sexuality
  • Emotional, Physical and Mental Disabilities

Improving your Relationships

Understanding that you are not the only parent who faces challenges can be a great help to anyone. Meeting with parents who are in similar situations can help you immensely. The benefit of being in a structured, sage, professionally lead parenting support group can enrich all the relationships in your life. Working with a support group can help you identify any challenges you face, organize your thoughts and feelings, help you discern underlying issues you have as a parent and navigate through your situations. In Murray, Family Counseling Center has options available for parenting support groups.

Help For All

Because anyone may need help becoming a better parent, Family Counseling Center near Murray, UT helps anyone who requires it. Our sliding-scale, fee-based payment program ensures anyone who needs professional therapy and counseling can have it. We provide services designed for the uninsured, middle-income or lower income individuals, individuals or families who are ineligible for welfare services or similar programs but are still unable to afford the expense of therapy in Salt Lake City.

Contact the Family Counseling Center at (801) 261-3500 in the Murray area to see how we can help you.