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Marriage Counseling for Murray UT

Family Counseling Center can provide effective marriage counseling for Murray, UT.

The ups and downs of any marriage are perfectly natural. If you find that your marriage is experiencing more downs than ups, reach out for help. Seeking marriage counseling should not be seen as a weakness– don’t be afraid to admit that you need help. Family Counseling Center has the knowledgeable professionals you need to navigate issues in your marriage. Our therapists are passionate about helping struggling marriages in the Murray area.

Marriage issues can arise from a variety of problems, ranging from power struggles to infidelity. If you find yourself wondering if your marriage requires counseling, know that we recommend counseling in any instance when there is discontent in your relationship. If an unhappy couple continues to live with relationship issues, over time it becomes more difficult to resolve the contention.

Marriage counseling can also be applied to ending marriages. Some couples, who have already decided to divorce, may decide to pursue therapy in an attempt to split on friendly terms. This also happens when children are involved in the divorce process.

How We Can Help

Truly productive marriage counseling will tackle many issues and aspects of the marriage. Communication, however, is often the main focus of the therapy. The counselors at Family Counseling Center will take the time to teach you and your spouse ways to control your emotions and stay calm. You’ll also learn how to use healthy and effective communication skills to solve old and new issues.

Our marriage counselors create a safe space for you and your spouse to comfortably share your emotions and thoughts. We understand that there are two perspectives in any marriage, and we’ll work with and respect each unique world view you bring to us. There are many feelings and frustrations in a fractured marriage, and we respect every one of them.

Many couples have found success through marriage counseling. When you’re looking for a marriage counselor, consider the following things:

  • Seek a therapist that both supports marriage and commitment. It’s important to find a therapist whose first inclination isn’t divorce. Marriage therapists should be willing to work to support your commitment to your spouse.
  • Your therapist should have a strong history of successfully working with couples. Because only a small percentage of therapists are trained to deal with marital issues, it’s important to ask your therapist questions about their history in working with couples.
  • An effective therapist will challenge each partner’s contribution to your martial issues. In order to mend your relationship, your therapist should push both of you to make individual changes in order to resolve your issues.

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