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Grief & Loss Counseling Services in Salt Lake City

Family Counseling Center in Salt Lake providing professional and affordable mental health services.You may experience all kinds of difficult and overwhelming emotions after a significant loss and grief counseling might be imperative. Feelings of anger, sadness, fear and anxiety just scratch the surface of what you may be encountering. Physical ailments may also arise when dealing with grief. Whether the loss is fresh or has been reawakened through reminders, grief and loss counseling/therapy will help you through this process. There is no correct way to grieve, but there are pathways through grief that can heal and enrich your life, as well as strengthen you and those around you. The clinical and professional therapists and grief counselors with Family Counseling Center in Salt Lake specialize in:

  • Working Through the Five Stages of Grief
  • Coping with Reminders after a Loss
  • What to Expect when Grief Returns
  • Common Trigger of Grief
  • When Grief Becomes Overly Intense or Painful
  • Coping Tips with Reawakened Grief

Help for Everyone

Because anyone can experience grief and loss or the guilt over losing a loved one, Family Counseling Center in Salt Lake City helps everyone. Our sliding-scale, fee-based payment program ensures anyone who needs professional therapy and counseling can have it. We provide services designed for the uninsured, middle-income or lower-income individuals, couples or families who are ineligible for welfare services or similar programs and are still unable to afford the expense of therapy in Salt Lake City.

Contact the Family Counseling Center

The first step to getting help is often the most difficult, especially if you have never sought professional help before. Contact the Family Counseling Center in Salt Lake City to make a grief and loss therapy appointment with one of our licensed therapists. Our grief counselors can be reached at (801) 261-3500. Your mental health is worth our time.