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Family Crisis Management in Salt Lake City, UT

The Family Counseling Center provides family crisis therapy to families in Salt Lake City. Call us at 801-261-3500 to improve your family relationships.

Family crisis can be affected by a variety of components, and it’s crucial to address these issues so your family can react in a positive, healthy manner to any problems that arise. Family relationships can deteriorate when going through a crisis, and this can be problematic since family ties have a direct impact on individuals. The Family Counseling Center offers family therapy to residents who are going through a crisis in Salt Lake City. It’s not too late to get the help you need from the counselors on our family crisis therapy staff.

Crisis Defined

The thing we all have in common is going through rough times, but how we handle the situation is how we differ. Crises surface from an individual’s inability to cope with something, resulting in strong emotional responses. An event doesn’t cause a crisis— crisis is developed from the individual’s interpretation of an event and how they respond to it. If they’re unable to cope from a bad event, then this can lead to a path of extreme anxiety where relief can’t be found.

Extreme anxiety can lead to these problems:

  • Emotional – unable to think clearly because of fear, shame, guilt and/or anger.
  • Cognitive – problem solving abilities are hindered because of clouded thinking.
  • Biophysical – sickness, disease and metaphorical symptoms of pain.
  • Social – experiencing changes in normal social patterns.

How Family Crisis Therapy Can Help

Family crisis therapy is there to provide families with the tools they need to handle their issues so they can develop positive family relationships. The goal is to improve your family environment through the assistance of professional support by:

  • Resolving conflict
  • Improving communication with each other
  • Solving problems together

A counselor will start with an assessment in order to understand the primary source of the problem in your family. After the assessment, we’ll create a treatment plan to resolve the specific issues that are affecting your family. From there, you can expect to get your relationships on the right track with the knowledge and tools you’ve gained through our family therapy.

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Don’t hesitate to get help if your family is experiencing a crisis. The Family Counseling Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving low-income families, and we’re ready to help families in Salt Lake City. Call us at 801-261-3500.