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Family Crisis Therapy in Murray, UT

The Family Counseling Center offers family crisis therapy to families in Murray, UT. Call us to improve your family relationships.

There are many factors that can put a family in crisis, and family relationships can have either positive or negative effects on individuals. It’s important to address any issues that your family is experiencing so that your relationships don’t deteriorate. The Family Counseling Center in Murray, UT can help. We offer therapy for families that are going through crises.

We all go through rough times and experience trauma in one way or another. Get the care you need from the counselors on our family crisis therapy staff.

What is Crisis?

Crises are defined by strong emotional responses that are stemmed from an individual’s inability to cope with something. A crisis isn’t caused from an event, it is caused from the individual’s interpretation/perception of an event and their inability to cope with it. This ultimately leads to an extreme level of anxiety where we can’t find relief.

This high-level of anxiety can lead to these outcomes:

  • Emotional – fear, shame, guilt and/or anger. These emotions often disrupt clear thinking.
  • Cognitive – clouded thinking and diminished problem solving abilities.
  • Biophysical – sickness, disease and metaphorical symptoms of pain.
  • Social – changes in ordinary social patterns.

What is Family Crisis Management?

Family crisis therapy is designed to give families the tools they need to improve their relationships with one another and to function as a happy unit. Your family environment will improve through professional insight and support by:

  • Resolving conflict
  • Improving communication with one another
  • Solving problems together

Before the therapy begins, you can expect your counselor to start with an assessment so they can better understand the source of the crisis in your family. Afterward, we’ll formulate a treatment plan specific to the needs of your family.

Get Family Therapy Crisis in Murray Today

If your family is going through a crisis, don’t hesitate. Call us at 801-261-3500. The Family Counseling Center is a non-profit organization ready to help families out in Murray, UT.