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Divorce Adjustment

Family and individual divorce adjustment counseling in SLC, UT.

Divorce can have far-reaching and devastating effects for anyone involved. Children and adults will experience a wide range of feelings, often swinging rapidly between them, causing emotions to compound and problems to arise. At the Family Counseling Center in Salt Lake, we provide divorce adjustment counseling for both adults and children. Under the stress of a divorce, it’s common for depression, anger, and behavioral problems to arise. In kids and adults, a decrease in school or work performance may also occur.

Who Needs Divorce Adjustment Counseling?

Anyone who has been touched by divorce, regardless of when, can benefit from counseling. The therapists and counselors with the Family Counseling Services can provide a listening ear, help you navigate feelings, organize thoughts and assist in learning coping skills.

Although children are resilient, this does not mean that they are immune from the powerful effects of divorce. Providing quality and effective divorce adjustment counseling can assist with minimizing the damage divorce can inflict upon a child. Psychological counseling can help young children and adolescents adjust to the changes divorce brings into their lives. Therapy can provide a way to heal, create a healthy coping skill-set, and assist with long-term emotional health.

Just because someone is an adult does not mean that divorce, or the problems that arise from it, are easier to handle. In many cases, a person may never face anything harder. There is no need to go it alone, our licensed therapists provide counseling for all emotional and psychological challenges divorce present. Divorce adjustment therapy can address:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life after divorce
  • Betrayal trauma
  • Relationship dynamic changes
  • Custodial parent issues
  • Anger
  • Religious ramifications
  • Financial obligations
  • Subsequent disorders that divorce can be a catalyst for

Get Help Through a Divorce

Divorce can occur for many reasons. Wherever you are in the process of divorce call the Family Counseling Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our licensed counselors and therapist are available to help you and your loved ones transition to their new living situations and responsibilities. To schedule an appointment, we can be reached at 801-261-3500.