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Sheri Morris LCSW

Emphasis: Trauma and Attachment, PTSD, Parent Education, Children and Adolescents, Family Therapy, Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Shame Resilience, Mindfulness, and Creativity—a way to Self-Discovery.

Sheri’s experience includes more than ten years working with families, including grand-families and blended families. Sheri works with adults and children helping them create healthy relationships. Her clients achieve positive outcomes in the areas of attachment, emotion regulation, communication, and conflict reduction. She believes families are their own experts, and provides tools and strategies families can use to find insights and paths to healing.

Sheri’s work is person-centered, and focuses on the individual’s strengths and goals.  Sheri helps clients with self-compassion, works with individuals experiencing depression, relationship difficulties, anxiety, grief, life transitions, clients with mood management issues, and those dealing with shame resilience or other issues.

Sheri also teaches an Art Journaling class at the University of Utah.

When Sheri is not working she enjoys spending time with family, friends, traveling, writing, picnicking, and any kind of artistic adventure.