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David Hildt, LMFT

David Hildt, LMFT

Emphasis: Individual, couples, and family counseling using a Systems theory approach to explore personal and collective meaning and restore constructive communication and meaning in relationships; domestic violence counseling for survivors and offenders of abuse; Emotionally-focused therapy, Cognitive Behavioral, and Narrative therapy, as well as Parts therapy; exploring the interrelationship between mental health, trauma, and substance abuse in overall emotional well-being.

David is licensed in the state of Utah as a Marriage Family therapist and earned a Master’s degree in Marriage Family Counseling in 1999 at University of California State Fullerton. He has spent his career thus far working with Volunteers of America/Cornerstone Counseling Center/Family Counseling Center, specifically in the areas of domestic violence and intensive mental health outpatient treatment. Prior to engaging with Family Counseling Center, he was both a therapist and a program manager for the domestic violence/mental health team at Cornerstone Counseling Center for a nine year period.

David subscribes to a systemic approach in which each person in the family system plays a role in both the problem and solution, all accountable for and capable of meaningful and lasting change in restoring positive mental health. Systems theory can be used with individuals or groups and takes into account the larger picture, each individual integral to his/her whole. Personal mental health can also be explored in terms of integrating various aspects of ourselves. David has used techniques from these theories in order to facilitate clients in developing a new narrative and meaning surrounding life events and building a healthier sense of self. In this endeavor, he has mostly provided counseling services to survivors and offenders of domestic abuse as well as persistently mentally ill patients.

David also enjoys writing songs, spending time with his two children, and engaging in outdoor activities such as skiing, golf and surfing.