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Charlie Johnson, ACMHC

Charlie Johnson, ACMHC

Emphases: Depression, grief, life transitions, adolescents, emerging adults, relationships, parenting, positive change, LGBTQ affirmative therapist, mindfulness, stress management, substance abuse, and personality disorders.

Bio: Charlie worked for about ten years as a middle- and high-school English teacher before transitioning into the world of individual therapy. He has an undergraduate degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, an MA from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, and an MEd from the University of Utah here in Salt Lake City.
Charlie views therapy as a collaborative experience with the client as the hero of the story. Charlie uses and integrates a variety of treatment approaches to facilitate clients’ journeys of change and deeper understanding. He believes that the time between sessions matters at least as much as the time in the office, so he often encourages clients to complete tasks between meetings.

Charlie has a wide range of interests and loves learning something new. He enjoys spending time with family, reading, exploring the outdoors, riding his bike, and playing Ultimate.