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fcc little girlThe Family Counseling Center was formed in 1912 when a group of 19 prominent individuals representing different religious and political affiliations came together to fill a need in the Salt Lake community. They created the Charity Organization Society of Salt Lake to assist struggling families, particularly women and children, by providing basic needs such as clothing, and coal for heating homes.

When the Great Depression hit, Family Counseling Center’s mission shifted to helping families find employment. During World War II its focus shifted again, this time to providing professional counseling services to returning soldiers and their families. As the primary function of the organization changed, so did its name, first to the Family Service Society (1925), then to the Family Service Counseling Center (1969) and finally to its current moniker, the Family Counseling Center (1974).

Today, the Family Counseling Center provides affordable, professional, outpatient mental health services to individuals, couples and families. It is the only agency in Salt Lake County whose mission is to serve the mental health and substance abuse needs of low to no-income, uninsured clients. Through its “Community Cares” program, services are offered on a sliding fee scale based on annual income, allowing each person to pay what he or she can afford. A majority of Family Counseling Center clients are the uninsured, middle-income or “working poor” families who are ineligible for welfare services or similar programs because they are employed, but are still unable to afford the expense of counseling.

Donations from businesses, foundations, and individuals enable the Center to provide its critically needed services.
Today, the Family Counseling Center serves more than 1,200 individuals and families suffering from grief, depression, addiction and other challenges.

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