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Family Counseling Center offers a variety of group therapies and psychoeducational groups

Self-pay rates are $25 per group.

Sleep Hygiene Psychoeducational Group – Do you have trouble sleeping? Has it been causing problems in your life, increasing stress, causing you to be too tired to do anything to the best of your abilities? Then this group is for you! Come and join us to learn some easy steps you can take to increase your sleep amount and quality!

Women’s Empowered Group — This is a group for women who would like to gain effective coping strategies to deal with life’s stressors. Specific attention will be made to women who have experienced trauma and abuse and would like some help and support working through these issues.

Living with Intention — This is a coeducational group for individuals working through substance use disorder issues. It focuses on coping skills to help individuals deal with triggers of substance use and help develop healthy coping skills to employ instead of using unhealthy substances to cope with the rigors of daily life.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Family Group — This group teaches families DBT skills and how to implement these skills effectively in the home environment. It is for couples or entire families. DBT skills will enrich your life and revitalize relationships. Specific skills will be taught and powerful ways to utilize them each day will be learned.

Parenting Group for Parents of young children — This group is resiliency training for families and is based upon the SPRK model. This training is for parents, grandparents and caregivers. It provides a complete, easy to use curriculum that can help adults teach courage, strength and resilience to the children in their care.

Prime for Life — This is our DUI education class for court ordered individuals or those who just want to learn.

Smoking Cessation — For those who want to quit smoking and have not had any success this may be the class for you. We have a certified instructor who will teach effective ways to quit smoking or use of tobacco products.

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